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LLC NE "Terminal UPSS" - the bulk liquid edible products terminal located at the deep water port of Dnepro-Bougsky.

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The company was founded in 1990 to provide processing plants by food raw materials in southern Ukraine. In 1994, the first stage of complex was put in operation and first parcel of sugar beet molasses was shipped from Terminal.

Terminal occupies a strategic position in the Black Sea and is the largest vegoil terminal, specializing in handling of bulk liquid edible products and other products for import / export and transit:

                 >    terminal on the Black Sea;

                 >    well-developed powerful transportation system;

                 >     availability of navigable waterways;

                 >     location outside of populated localities;

                 >     existing customs control area

Annual capacity is 1,5 mln.tons of bulk cargoes

Total storage volume is 185,000 m3

This design of the Terminal and well-coordinated work permit to discharge the cargo from different transport vehicles with capacity of up to 16 thousand tons per day.

The main Terminal competitive advantage is its flexibility in handling of a wide variety of products.

The Terminal has a large number of tanks with varying capacities, which allows the flexible usage of existing storage facilities and segregation of products from different Customers by quality and origin in order to ensure the full preservation of the product quality.